Seminar : Basic Aspects of Representation Theory (BART)

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This is a page for a weekly seminar organized by a group of postdocs and graduate students working on representation theory and related fields at SNU.

Spring 2014

We usually meet at 2-3:30pm.

4/2 (129-406)

Chul-hee Lee, On Chevalley's integral forms for simple Lie algebras

integral forms of Chevalley and Kostant

4/9 (129-301)

UhiRinn Suh, Drinfel'd-Sokolov reduction and W-algebras

Lax operators, Drinfel'd-Sokolov reduction, affine classical W-algebras, finite classical W-algebras

4/16 (27-220)

Jonathan Axtell, Affine vertex algebras

definitions, Zhu's algebra and classification of simple modules

4/23 (129-310)

Ji Hye Jung, Schur algebras

polynomial representations of $\rm GL_n$ and Schur algebras

4/30 (129-406)

HyunKyu Kim (KIAS), Representations of quantum plane algebra

definition, tensor product decomposition, pentagon equation, quantum Teichmüller theory

5/7 (129-406)

Dongwoo Kim, Schur-Weyl duality

5/14 (129-406)

Jonathan Axtell, Schur and Weyl modules

5/21 (129-406)

Chul-hee Lee, Cube root of the $j$-invariant and $E_8$


Hyoungju Park, Crystal bases (tentative)


Seok-Jin Kang

Please be aware of the date and time change. It will be held on Tuesday at 16:00.


Introduction to categorifications (tentative)