Seminar : Affine Lie Algebras

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This is the page for the seminar on QFT at the University of Queensland. We focus on Affine Lie Algebras for Semester 1, 2015. The main goal is to understand various aspects of the theory of affine Lie algebras in mathematics and physics.

  • when : Thursdays 3-4:30 pm
  • where : Priestly Building Seminar Room 67-442


Some references are given for each topic. But we won't necessarily follow them strictly or cover them all.

introduction (12/3/2015, Chul-hee Lee)

  • overview
  • distribution of the remaining talks

affine Lie algebras as central extensions of loop algebras (19/3/2015, Peter McNamara)

Kac-Moody algebras (2/4/2015, 16/4/2015, Sean Michael Wilson)

Sugawara construction of Virasoro algebra (23/4/2015, Chris Raymond)

integrable highest weight representations of affine Lie algebras (30/4/2015, Inna Lukyanenko)

Wess-Zumino-Witten model (7/5/2015, Nathan McMahon)

  • chapter 15 of [DFMS 1997]
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modular transformations of characters of affine Lie algebras (14/5/2015, 21/5/2015, Alexander Dunn)

fusion rules and Verlinde formula (.)

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  • chapter 16 of [DFMS 1997]
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vertex operator constructions of basic representations (Masoud Kamgarpour)

  • chapter 14 of [Kac 1994]
  • chapter 20 of [Carter 2005]
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reading for fun

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advanced reading